A Mastercard-Sponsored Report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Many executives believe that their analytics initiatives aren't yet paying off as they should—and the roadblocks to success often lie within their own organizations’ processes and practices. In a new survey of 744 business executives around the world and across a variety of industries, conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, less than one-fifth (18%) of the respondents said their organizations are getting a sufficient return on their investment in analytics. This report explores how different organizations have deployed analytics, the barriers they have encountered, and how leading companies establish the processes and organizational conditions for success.

Mastercard Advisors President Dimitrios Dosis:
Roadblocks to Driving Business Value Through Analytics

Top Challenges to Driving Business Value with Analytics

(percent of respondents)


Analytics are not integrated into workflows, and decision processes do not reach decision makers


Inadequate skills for interpreting and using analytics among business staff


Siloed analytics produce competing results


Ineffective deployment and distribution of analytics outputs across the organization